School, buses and appointment times, oh my!

We hope you are having a great summer with your kids! We've been seeing some of you in the office, and are looking forward to seeing your kids again soon if you've been taking the summer off from services.

In the beginning of the summer, we moved to a new location just around the corner from where we used to be. You can find us now at 1230 Ocean Drive, next to the Washboard Laundromat in Homer, Alaska.

Since the first day of school is less than a month away, we thought it would be a good time to remind you that there are new school start times this year. Based on community meetings advocating for later start times for older kids, the borough adjusted nearly all school start times. Bus schedules have changed to match start times, and bus services to schools outside the school service area will no longer be available.  Parents who wish to have their child attend a school outside their area may still do so, but KPBSD will no longer provide bus transportation. Now's the time to plan ahead.

August 22nd is the first day of school for the following KPBSD schools. 

New start time / end times are as follows:

  • Chapman School    8:00am / 2:30pm
  • Ninilchik School     9:05am / 3:35pm
  • Little Fireweed        7:50am / 2:20pm
  • Paul Banks             7:50am / 2:20pm
  • West Homer          8:00am / 2:30pm
  • Big Fireweed         8:00am / 2:30pm
  • Homer Middle       9:00am / 3:45pm
  • Homer High           9:00am / 3:45pm
  • Homer Flex            9:00am / 3:45pm
  • McNeil Canyon     8:20am / 2:50pm

August 15 is the first day of school for Voznesenka, Kachemak Selo and Razdolna. 


Cirque Therapy will be open from Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm. If your child needs to be seen during an afterschool time slot, please call and make arrangements as soon as possible. We have a limited number of slots that fill up quickly, but we will do everything we can to accommodate their needs.  If you would like to make arrangements for the OT to see your child during school hours, please contact us about that as soon as possible as well. 

Back to School is a big time of transition for you and your kids. Plan ahead, and help make it as easy as possible for everyone!  

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