Occupational therapy helps kids with a wide range of challenges.

  • Challenges with daily living skills: Difficulty dressing, eating, washing, using the toilet

  • Difficulties with sensory processing: Overly sensitive to sounds, touch/textures, movement or overly seeking movement or touch

  • Behavioral Issues: Rigidity, trouble with transitions, overreactive, tantrums, distractibility, reluctant to try new situations

  • Motor planning: Limited play options, clumsiness, poor body awareness

  • Fine or Gross Motor Delays: Not reaching developmental milestones within the typical period of time, difficulty skipping, running or climbing, difficulty with handwriting, drawing, using utensils

  • Difficulty with peers: Reluctant to initiate or join play, inflexibility, controlling, difficulty reading social cues

  • Executive functioning: Challenges with problem solving, organization, planning, sequencing